Things I Learnt after quitting my job!

Last year in December, I moved to Mumbai for the 3rd time in my life. I was excited and nervous at the same time. One big change in my new life was I had quit my thriving and secure job. I was walking into the big unknown. But with no rush to get back to the corporate grind, I did enjoy some leisure time, before I started getting fidgety to have some purpose back in my life.

A year later to present day it has been a rollercoaster ride! This time and opportunity to be with myself helped me ask myself some hard questions about possibilities, opportunities, and life itself. When I look back now, I feel happy that I left the routine corporate job & don’t regret my decision.

Here’s why:

Grateful for “Getting Time”

The first thing you gain after you quit your job is “Time”. The number one excuse for not doing something or not able to meet people is ‘time’. Most of the hours go by commuting and the office hours.

I had parked so many important things in life all these years or paid far less attention to those. But in last 12 months, I could accomplish so much for myself. I started reading books, writing my journal, going to the gym, eating healthy, indulging in several DIYs, learnt a new musical instrument, binge-watched TV series, interacted with friends, family members and so much more. I never felt so content with the quality of time spent on all these to provide me a better quality of life.

If you ever are in such situation, there is a lot to gain on the other side.

You understand your emotions better

I never paid attention to understand my own emotions. I left those uncontrolled and allowed them to dictate my behaviour in most of the situations. In pursuit of finding the perfect job, I experienced various emotions. Sometimes coming too close to getting an offer for a job, I may have once wanted or just experiencing sheer flatness of the process. As I was journaling my days and my emotions, I got more aware of them. Now after all these months, I am able to keep my calm and have a way to handle negative energies without stress.

It’s not all that scary to be out of job

The thought of leaving well settled and secured job was fearful. But very quickly I came back into the track, I started depending on my own capabilities and skills. I made myself aware of areas where I can improve upon and started working on enhancing my skills. I realized that being secure is a state-of-mind because job cuts do happen, the management changes, companies fail. It’s more reassuring to be self-reliant.

Don’t let fear and insecurity cloud you from continuously improving and looking for new possibilities, especially in the area of your real interest.

You understand & respect Money

When I used to get my steady monthly income, I never thought twice about spending it, especially on things I didn’t need. I would say after this awakening, I have become judicious in my spending, I can sometimes feel like a borderline minimalistic. It turns out that, it is not too difficult to cut down on few luxuries, and trust me you will live comfortably. This has made me cautious and aware of my money management techniques. I think your spending habits adjust to your earnings, and once the earnings get back on your set goal the luxuries can barge in again.

So focus your expenditure on getting good life experiences, travel, workshops for learning & making new friends. This is the best opportunity to get rid of unnecessary material clutter.

The possibilities are endless

Once I got my first job that too in a big MNC, 13 years ago I thought this is it. I have entered the corporate world and here I will be always. In last 12 months, I got a new perspective and my mind has been a big creative hub throwing all sorts of ideas. Not all ideas were great, but some were definitely worth exploring. I spent a lot of time reading and knowing what kind of possibilities exist, it’s overwhelming to see the kind of opportunities available in this world.

A lot of people are taking that leap of faith and following their dreams, and in whichever area they enjoy, excel or trying to excel.

All you have to do is have an open mind and flexibility and you will be surprised to see the possibilities available to you.

You are more than your job title

When asked to introduce ourselves, many of us start telling our job titles, little realizing that our job is not who we are, it’s just what we do. Although it does help a little in defining you. After quitting, I never really prepared my answer to “what are you doing?” asked casually by people around. I got startled, even froze to that question. Somehow I was trying to explain my employment situation to others to give myself a sense of identity and purpose. I later realized that I was pressurizing myself into it while people around me really didn’t bother much. Those who judged me on this are anyway no longer in my life. I took the path of self-discovery and found so much to myself than my title and there are many people who are doing the same finding their own path.

Don’t be afraid to confront yourself and know who you really are, and other dimensions of your inner self.

More & more of self-reflection

I used to shush that sane voice coming from within. I buried myself in work and routines of life and paid little attention to good advice coming after some reflections. After quitting, I had no choice but to listen to that voice and in my ample “Me-Time” I had so much of self-realization, reflection, and contemplation that I must admit I thought why I did not do this earlier. Of course, it’s not impossible for you to have self-reflection, but it’s easier when you are in ease of time and not hurrying into the 9-5 (actually 8-8 in metros) and late hours.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…

Including you – Anne Lamott


You have 2 choices, either do nothing or do it without fear of failure

Yes, I could have lived spending my time on fun activities, thinking this time as a well-deserved break. To think about it, even doing nothing is not that simple.

In this journey, I have met so many people who have left their secured life and found their real passion and now they are pursuing their profession which gives them contentment and happiness. Even though some of my brilliant ideas failed and some did not even take off after a phone call, I am keeping my positive energy and learnings for me to excel.

If you have a dream you want to pursue & if you ever contemplate in taking that leap of faith. Don’t worry! The other side of yours will let you make your own adjustments and your passion will pull you through the unknown. Mine has!

I know, this has been a long read, but if you are still here, I would love to learn your views on this, please do share in the comments box.