Finding Purpose of My Life! 9 Inspirational Statements

I asked myself a lot of hard questions lately. One day a difficult question popped into my head. “What is the Purpose of my life?” I didn’t have an answer so I asked the same question to my husband while having our morning cup of tea.

“Why are you asking such a difficult question?” was his response.

We choose not to start the morning on a heavy note, so we left it unanswered. Later in the day, as I had the luxury of time, I spent the day pondering over this thought and was overwhelmed by the gravity of the question. I started thinking, do I really need a purpose in life? I am neither on any spiritual path nor do I meditate to achieve a zen-like state of mind. Can’t I live my life as it comes?

I am sure there’s much more to life than studying for 15-16 years, working 40-50 hours per week, receiving regular paychecks and paying bills; so that next generation can do the same all over again.

But does that mean I must find life’s purpose?

I started researching about the purpose of life and realised it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and heavy. I imagined, that people with a ready-to-quote their life purpose statement would have an intense statement. I came across several beautiful and inspiring life purpose statements on the internet and a couple through my network, which I am sharing with you.

It’s up to you to decide, if you need a purpose in your life or not. But the fact is, you are given this one life and you could do so much to keep yourself happy, content and fulfilled.

  1. The purpose of life is to discover yourself, discover your surroundings & explore new destinations.
  2. To become our greatest version
  3. To leave a legacy behind – My friend Dr Piyush Roy (Author, Critic, Curator, and Film Scholar) had shared this statement once when we were in a deep conversation about our lives. He has already achieved many awards for his work including a National award. His eternal passion for his work not only inspire his students but also his social circle.
  4. To give love unconditionally and believe that you are worthy of love as well.
  5. To keep learning more and achieve excellence in anything I do while overcoming all obstacles.
  6. The Purpose of life is service – to give to the world more than what I have taken from it.
  7. Purpose of my life is to Teach, Inspire and guide people – Dr Rastogi, a celebrated academician and my father has lived by this mantra all his life. He has won several awards and accolades for his numerous achievements, but his crowning glory comes from the continuous presence of several ex-students in his personal life. Students who once sat in his classroom decades ago and who have built their own successful corporate careers, still maintain personal and social relationships with him, creating an extended family with deep ties. It is reminiscent of the essence of ancient India’s Gurukul Parampara for him, many came as his students but stayed as a family.
  8. To have fun, to not dwell on failures and setbacks and to embrace all the colours of life.
  9. The purpose of life is to do everything with a purpose

Having a purpose in life doesn’t mean that you leave the worldly pleasures or don’t be aspirational and competitive. Purpose brings out the best of your efforts so that you live your life in the happiest, healthiest and the most content way with fewest regrets. An aspiration to be happy comes in different degrees to different people. Some become happy with small achievements, but for some even big achievements don’t bring satisfaction and contentment.

This is a deep & vast topic and someday I would love to revisit this and write more about it. I am happy that I have started thinking and exploring in that direction, in a very normal way, without being spiritual.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever wondered, what is your purpose in life? Do share in the comments box, maybe someone will get inspired by it.