10 Life Lessons to be Happy & Successful in your 30s


Last week I celebrated my 36th Birthday. A day before my birthday I told my husband and friends, I don’t want to do anything special this time. Anyway, it comes every year, and it’s like any other day. But on the day of my birthday, I was excited with the thought of being in this beautiful world since last 36 years.

Right from the day of my birth till today, it was a joint effort of so many lovely people, my family, friends, colleagues, managers and a lot of other people, including friends in the virtual world who have made me what I am today.

I felt a sense of gratitude. I looked forward to the day ahead.  I had ample time at home to swim through the memories of my previous birthdays and saw old photos to reminisce them, giving myself strong nostalgia. I realised that I have changed a lot after my 30th birthday and life has made better sense to me than it did in my younger days.

Things I did in my 30s challenged me in a way that my future looks much brighter.

Although there are things to learn each day, I am sharing a few chosen life lessons which made my life far better and balanced. I am sharing those with you, thinking those might benefit you too.

Reduce Unhealthy Habits

We all have our share of unhealthy habits even though we know that they cause permanent harm in exchange for short-lived excitement and intoxication. So while you can save your health getting worsened, try to reduce smoking, drinking alcohol & eating junk food, if not able to quit. I can assure you, you will sleep better and also save money for better things.

Start and Enjoy Exercising

I had started running when I was 32. I never did any exercise or indulged in any sports in my earlier years, so I was glad I picked up running. I have completed few half marathons. I now feel as energetic as I felt at 30. I took a couple of years to incorporate exercise into my daily routine; I am happy I started exercising at the right time if not late. Exercising not only keeps a check on your body weight but also boosts your metabolism & keep your skin young.

Save for your future today

Yes, it sounds boring and tedious thing to do, but if you start early, you will thank yourself later and won’t regret the decision. We all have disposable income at this stage of our lives, but having a habit of saving small amounts will keep you future-ready. I paid attention to my credit card bill and realised that I was spending too much for a 30-day credit. I took control of that and started more contribution for investment in the future.

Spend your money on having great experiences

Memories are for life. They make you happy and content. The world is such a beautiful place to explore and learn. Spend your money wisely and cherish your experiences. Make photo blogs/ albums or private journals to keep the memories alive.

Invest in your self-development

Your 30s are very crucial years in your career. You will face highs and lows. Invest time for self-improvement or development. Invest a little to hire a Life Coach or a Career Coach. Attend relevant training & seminars, build your network. Don’t ever be shy talking about your issues. Sort them and learn from them.

I had hired a life coach when I was 32, and it changed my life. I learned a lot when I quit my job last year. Investing in developing your thinking always brings benefits in more ways than you can imagine.

Take care of your hair, skin & teeth

In the mid-30s, talking about your hair, skin and teeth becomes a very common topic. Start taking care of your hair, skin & teeth as soon as you can. Drink a lot of water (I learned that a hard way), take lots of oil-based head massages (They are absolutely the best thing) and keep visiting your dental hygienist if you don’t want a big fat dental bill later in your years.

Indulge with yourself

There’s no right time to discover yourself and understand what makes you truly happy. The earlier you discover your inner voice and follow it, happier you would feel even in the small things. Spending time with yourself can be a very peaceful thing to do, away from the noise of daily routine & virtual life. Do things you like or are passionate about. If you like, you can meditate, focus on yourself and your mind.

Invest time in developing meaningful relationships

You may have a lot of friends from school, college and now on social media. But to keep your inner circle, you need to invest time and energy in those relationships. Be it in the family or with friends. When things go sideways or not according to your plans, you need people in your life who would be there come what may. Choose people who make you feel good about yourself. Nurture relationships, laugh and do silly things too.

Stop worrying about small things

A lot of things happen in life, good and bad. Few things are just out of your control. You can either worry about them and take stress or just leave them be. Remember that it’s your perception that dictates your worry.

Take life as it comes

Every person in this world has highs and lows. Be open to risks, explore new opportunities, career changes, and travel to new places. Take life on an exciting ride. Things will go wrong, be prepared for it, but at the same time, enjoy to the fullest. Flow with the life and you will enjoy the journey.

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New Year Resolution: What do you plan to leave this year?

December is here! Every year, last month of the year goes through an unsaid pressure. Everyone likes to reflect back on their good and bad experiences and memories. Many people also wonder, how come December is here so soon?

The mind starts planning for the next year, and it’s time to make resolutions consciously or subconsciously. Even if you don’t make resolutions formally, the thought always crosses your mind.

Although it is positive to talk about learning and starting new things as a new booster in life, often leaving few things help you detox your mind, body and soul, making you feel fresh and charged up.

So before you start making New Year resolutions, what are you going to leave this year?

Here is my list of few things, I plan to “leave this year”.

Excuses for not getting up early and go for a run: When I was in Hyderabad, I was a regular runner and even completed few half marathons. After moving to Mumbai, I blamed everything here from congestion, pollution to bad roads as an excuse for not running. I do feel guilty at times, especially when my running buddies are doing extremely well with their running goals.

How do I Plan to achieve this:

  • Find a running buddy
  • Make a doable weekly running calendar
  • Enjoy the tracking and measuring improvements in each run
  • Keep running shoes, clothes and accessory ready a night before

Overindulging on Netflix: If there is a contest on the “Number of hour’s people can watch Netflix”, I would be a likely winner. But I don’t want to be a winner in this. I have already started efforts for reducing the hours, thanks to my new interest in writing. But I definitely want to leave this habit much behind and be a laggard in this. This will reduce my passive engagement hours and I can use my energies in more productive activities.

How do I plan to achieve this:

  • Restrict watching Netflix for not more than 2 hours a day (Just like my mom used to assign TV hours in my school/college years)
  • Watch only the chosen new show or in-progress shows
  • No re-runs
  • Write new articles more often
  • Divert the time to other avenues of entertainment – Reading, taking a walk, listening to Audio (including books)

Skipping breakfast: I know many of us are guilty of this. We get so caught up in morning routine that we either skip breakfast or pay very less attention to it. It’s the only meal in which we can and should consume the maximum calories with a good mix of carbs and proteins. I am already making a ready-to-refer plan for my daily breakfast.

How do I plan to achieve this:

  • Make ready-to-refer and visually appealing breakfast list
  • Get up 15-20 minutes early to have time for a mindful and enjoyable breakfast
  • Enjoy the morning calm and time with self or family

Procrastinating on paperwork: We live in a digital world, more now than ever before. Somehow the paperwork does not seem to end, like filling home loan papers or getting a license. I was never good at it, I was always dependent on my husband to do all the paperwork for me. Some of the paperwork is dumped in some drawer and begging for my attention before the notorious due date. I think it’s time to get over this and leave this habit behind for good.

How do I plan to achieve this:

  • Declutter all the paper
  • Make note of due dates/ pending items
  • Ask for help, only in case not able to complete it
  • If possible move paperwork to digital and preserve environment

Emotional Shopping: Some people call it Retail therapy. There are times when I am in a mall and perfectly happy and I don’t feel the need to shop at all. And then there are those times when I am feeling low and things are not going right, I shop till I get a kick in with some materialistic happiness. Post emotional shopping, I do forget about the actual issue I was going through. It would be so great to pay attention and deal with the emotion rather than buying a pair of shoes. Now is the time to deal with it and leave this habit behind.

How do I plan to achieve this:

  • Enjoy the company of a friend instead of shopping
  • Be aware of my emotion and maybe share and discuss it
  • Put my thoughts in a Journal/ Diary
  • Sleep on it for a day to find perspective

I am already feeling detoxed Just by putting my list together. I will be shortly writing about how to quit bad habits and replace them with good ones.

Do share your thoughts as to what are you going to leave behind this year?


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